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Sea of Galilee
This sweet water lake is located in the west side of the Galilee, a major source of water supply, center of tourism, and rich with history.
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1 MMORPG warofhell game
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2 Holy Land sites review
0 9

Review of biblical places in the Holy Land. Photos, Information, Travel, Biblical refs, Historical references, Maps and links.
3 Nazareth Biblical sites
0 7
The Holy City of Nazareth is the childhood home of Jesus, as described in the New Testament. This web page is an overview of the sites of Nazareth, and directs to detailed site information.
4 Jerusalem sites
0 7
The Holy City of Jerusalem is for 3000 years the capital of the Israelites, Jewish Kingdom and State of Israel. This web page provides an overview of the city and directs to more than 50 sites.
5 Upper Galilee sites
0 6
The Upper Galilee group of sites are located in the northern side of Israel. This web page provides photos, info, refs and more on the sites.
6 Shefela sites Gallery
0 5

Sites of the Shefela - Lowland - the south western side of Israel.
7 Dead Sea sites
0 5
Sites gallery of the Dead sea region in the eastern side of the Holy Land. Including Masada, EinGedi and Qumran.
8 Golan sites
0 5
Sites of the Golan heights, on the north-east side of israel. Photos, references, maps, links and more.
9 Mt Carmel sites
0 4
Bblical and historical sites of Mount Carmel in Israel. Each site is detailed with photos, maps, information, references and links.
10 Judea sites
0 4
The Biblical and historical sites in the eastern region of the center of Israel.
11 Holy Land Places
0 4

Guide to the Holy Land places
12 Sites of Hilazon creek
0 4
The sites of the region of Hilazon (Chilazon) creek, in the north of the lower Galilee.

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